“Refreshingly retro musical… waves of showstoppers. .. thrillingly theatrical… A delightful Valentine to…the capacity of our own inner hearts. “

Matthew Murray, Talkin Broadway

“It's a fun set-up, with space invaders, 1950s movies and small towns all getting a nice skewering... Atkins and Segal have some written lively, fairly sophisticated music.”

Ronnie Reich, Backstage

" ‘I Come For Love’ comes prepared to divert with spunk and a wink. ...There’s a goofy sweetness about it and a romantic heart beating within. The show came and went (at the NYMF Festival), but may land again soon. Make a wish for it on a shooting star.”

Rob Lester, EDGE

“Charming is the operative word here: it's a feather-light science fiction comedy that posits that the UFO that (allegedly) crashed at Roswell contained not little grey men, but rather a single space vixen who has come to Earth in search of love.

Atkins and Segal strike just the right sweet-silly tone, and Michael Berry's production (with delightful choreography by Michelle Weber) matches the script shot for shot, relying on gleefully low-tech special effects and plain old showmanship. ...It's a set of revisions or two from being really pretty awesome.”

Gruyere, Live Journal

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