Act II
Scoop takes Nine-O to the movies, where she learns an important lesson.  
Nine-O finds herself falling like a shooting star for Scoop, who  finds himself on the same trajectory.
Scoop struggles to convince himself that he's really not falling in love, and that "Aileen" is only a story to him.  (performed by Jeffery Lyle Segal)
BE AFRAID (Major Nails)
Nine-O shows up for Scoop's picture in her space suit.  To prove she's humanoid, she takes off her space suit, down to her space undies.   Major Nails arrives with Rusty and the vigilantes, convinced that the alien could have taken human form.  Nine-O hides and drops her communication device, which Scoop picks up and pockets.    When the device beeps in Scoop's pocket, he convinces the gullible townies that he and Frank are the pod people!    Rusty arrests Scoop and Frank, and leads them off to jail.  NIne-O emerges from hiding as they go.
EVERY DAY (Mabel, Floyd, Bessie, Nine-O)
Back at the diner, Nine-O returns heart broken that Scoop would have used her  Mabel encourages Floyd and Bessie to finally admit their true feelings to each other, and tells Nine-O that love is the only thing worth fighting for.
IF I HAD NEVER SEEN AILEEN  (Major Nails, Scoop, Frank) 
At the jailhouse, Scoop decides that he'd gladly face a firing squad, just to have met "Aileen".
Nine-O realizes that Scoop has sacrificed himself to save her, and vows to save him in return rather than go back to her planet.
UNITED FORCES OF DANCING - REPRISE  (Nine-O, Bessie, Floyd, Mabel)
Nine-O hatches a plan to break Scoop and Frank out of jail using the "weapons" she learned about at the movies -- singing and dancing!
DIFFERENT BUT ALL THE SAME  (Nine-O, Scoop, Major Nails, Ensemble)
In another song ("Her"), Floyd masquerades as a movie director, and convinces the townies that Nine-O  is an actress, and that they are about to shoot the final scene of a movie in which she takes off for another planet.  When Nine-O's ship materializes behind them, she makes a plea for  universal peace and understanding.
FINALE  (Scoop, Nine-O, Ensemble)
Realizing that Earth is not ready for her yet, Nine-O bids farewell to everyone, especially Scoop.  But then....!  
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